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Madden 19 Color Smash Revealed - JJ Watts, Derwin James, Eggs & More

Madden 19 Ultimate Team Color Smash JJ Watt, Derwin James

As the NFL offseason proceeds so does the fun with Madden 19 Ultimate Team events. A pristine MUT promo called "Color Smash" was uncovered as of Tuesday, April 9. This new promo comes not long after Madden's Path to the Draft even and brings some incredible new cards directly off the bat. Here's the most recent on what's revealed with the new Madden 19 Ultimate Team Color Smash occasion. 

Rankle 19 Ultimate Team Color Smash JJ Watt, Derwin James 

Color Smash touches base as an extraordinary Easter type theme in Madden 19 complete with colorful player cards and Eggs! With past Madden Ultimate Team promos, gamers had the capacity to profit by some free treats toward the beginning of the event. That is the situation here also, as only for signing into Ultimate Team gamers will get a Welcome Pack. That incorporates a 85 JJ Watt NAT card alongside a MUT tips card only for signing in. 

JJ Watt is the first Color Smash Masters player carrying a sweet 99 OVR with his card. The protective star's MUT traits incorporate 98s for Strength and Play Recognition alongside 97 for Tackle and Block Shedding. More details below. 



Madden 19 Color Smash Objectives, Challenges

Similarly as with other huge events in the realm of Madden Ultimate Team, Color Smash conveys more objectives and challenges to the mode. We looked at the Solo Challenges segment of Ultimate Team which uncovers there are a total of 20 Color Smash challenges. These are advantageous for acquiring Color Smash players and Collectibles. 

The first Solo Challenge is classified "A Boy Brushed Crimson, Living in Onyx and Snow." The challenge involves utilizing your MUT squad to get a comeback to win against the Minnesota Vikings. It brings 250 Coins, 10 Draft Picks Item (for Quicksell), and a Ultimate Moment for moving beyond it. Each challenge after that brings business as usual for finishing it. 

It gives the idea that by finishing each of the 20 of these Color Smash Solo Challenges, gamers will acquire a Random Tier egg for their hard work. Those have an exceptionally decent Quicksell cost, so it's definitely justified even despite the work! 


Ultimate Legends & Path to Draft Event: New currency, Card reveals, Masters card

First things first, there's 2 huge Ultimate Legends dropping today. We have a Deion Sanders card (98 rated) and a Bruce Matthews (98 Rated). See below. 

Path To Draft Event

The 2019 NFL Draft is rapidly drawing closer as teams will hope to improve their rosters. Among the squads with picks in the highest point of the order are the Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders, and San Francisco 49ers. To pay tribute to the draft's entry in late April, there's another Madden 19 Path to the Draft occasion accessible in the Ultimate Team mode. Here's a look at the key subtleties in the most current MUT promo incorporating the new in-game currency, player cards, and more!


Madden 19 Path to the Draft: New Currency, Draft player cards

Not that long ago, we had the Madden NFL Scouting Combine promo. That included previous college football stars who exceeded expectations at their Combines before the draft. On Friday's Daily Drops via EAMaddenNFL Twitch they reported all the new subtleties for Madden Ultimate Team's new draft event. It's another piece of the offseason fun known as Path to the Draft 2019. First up, there's another currency in this advancement as "Picks." It replaces the past currency standards for promos, for example, "Scouts."

The new promo incorporates distinctive player cards, for example, first Rounders, first Round Heroes, and obviously, a 99 Masters player card. The first group of first Rounders incorporates draft champions, for example, Jameis Winston, Justin Pugh, Barkevious Mingo, and Terrell Edmunds. Look at their cards underneath.

As well as those 1st Rounders, Madden Ultimate Team uncovered three 1st Round Heroes player cards. They are Roquan Smith of the Chicago Bears, Adrian Peterson of the Washington Redskins, and DeAndre Hopkins of the Houston Texans. Each of the three of these player cards are rated at 98 OVR. You'll require them all if you want to get the first Masters card in the event.


Path to the Draft: Bruce Smith Masters, Solo Challenges

The first Masters player card uncovered for the new Path to the Draft promo is previous Buffalo Bills protective star, Bruce Smith. To get that card, you'll have to gather every one of the three of the 1st Round Heroes to exchange them in. You'll get the 99 rated Bruce Smith and every one of the 3 legends back as NATs. Not bad!

In addition to these awesome cards, they've additionally revealed the first of the new Madden 19 Path to the Draft Solos. Every Daily Challenge a gamer finishes will acquire coins alongside a draft pick player token. There's additionally a major reward for those gamers who can complete every one of the 15 solo difficulties in "first Round Hero Highlights". That will net you Picks currency alongside 7,500 coins.

In all it’s a big drop, and a lot of info but some awesome new content and promo from the MUT Team, with more content coming in the next few days. How are you guys liking the new path to draft event so far?

10 Hot New Team MVP's Dropped, Including Nate Solder, Phillip Lindsay

Only half a month back, Madden 19 Ultimate Team revealed their Team MVP players. These were for the most part overlooked yet truly great cards for different NFL teams, It initially began with the non-playoff squads, and advanced through the groups that made it to the postseason. The last bunch included players from the Super Bowl teams. While that gave cards to the whole group of NFL teams, on Friday (Mar. 8), brought new Madden 19 Ultimate Team MVPs for gamers. A portion of these players are first-timers as terms of MUT feature.

The previous Team MVPs included stars such as Khalil Mack, Julio Jones, and Deshaun Watson On Friday’s episode of Madden Daily Drops, the 10 newest Ultimate Team MVP's were revealed. As with previous MVP cards, these players each bring 97 OVR scores with them. There are five offensive and five defensive players.

Broncos rookie Phillip Lindsay headlines the new group. He was also named as Madden’s Offensive Rookie of the Year on their season end player ratings review. The fullback has a 96 Speed, 96 Elusiveness, and 95 Acceleration amongst his skills on the Team MVP card.

On top of the new 10 team MVP's we have 3 absolutely huge Ultimate Legends. Who will surely be the pick of the drop today.  Michael Vick 98, Lawrence Taylor 98, Jaosn Taylor 98.

Here’s the complete list of the 10 new Ultimate Team MVP cards in the game and 3 huge Ultimate Legends. :

Team MVP

Ultimate Legends 


The reason behind the specific teams they chose for these new MVP cards is unknown, but it may become known by next week on Daily Drops. Also, several of these players have yet to receive Power-Ups within Ultimate Team, so that may be on the way this weekend.