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SERIES 2 OVERVIEW & 5M Giveaway!


madden mut 20 series 2

Series 2 begins today with new level rewards, player items, sets, solos, and missions being added to Madden Ultimate Team. The maximum MUT level has been increased from 50 to 60 and all Series 1 Trophies have been converted to Series 2 Trophies (100 S1 Trophies=50 S2 Trophies). A new Collectible for Coach Madden can be found in the Store for 1,000 Series 2 Trophies (4 total). Check below for a breakdown of what's new in each category:

Level Rewards

The following rewards are unlocked at each new level:

  • Level 51- Unlocks 2 different Packs in the Store.
  • Level 52- Gold Premium Pack
  • Level 53- Level Master Upgrade Token and New Level Challenges
  • Level 54- 30,000 Coin Quicksell
  • Level 55- 87-88 OVR Power Up Pass
  • Level 56- Unlocks 2 different Packs in the Store.
  • Level 57- Gridiron Pack
  • Level 58- Level Master Upgrade Token and New Level Challenges
  • Level 59- 30,000 Coin Quicksell
  • Level 60- 89-90 OVR Power Up Pass



The new Series 2 Competitive Master is Melvin Gordon III. He can be acquired through the Store for 2,000 Series 2 Trophies or 1,050 Series 2 Trophies for his NAT version.

  • 93 HB Melvin Gordon III
  • MUT 20 Level Master Torry Holt can now reach 92 OVR. Level Master Upgrade Tokens are earned at MUT levels 53 and 58.

Gauntlet 1

Once you reach 100 Stars in the Gauntlet (details below under solos), you are rewarded with a Gauntlet 1 Fantasy Pack where you choose one of the following new player items:

  • 89 HB Leonard Fournette
  • 89 WR JuJu Smith-Schuster
  • 89 DT Ed Oliver
  • 89 MLB Devin White
  • 89 SS Derwin James

These items are not currently Power Up eligible but will be PU eligible once they are fully upgraded later in the year at the completion of all Gauntlet releases.

Series Redux

With each Series update, the LTD player items in the previous Series will be available in packs as non-LTDs. The non-LTD player items will have different borders/stamps and the LTD icon will be removed. The player item will no longer quicksell for 250,000 coins but quicksell for the appropriate amount of training based on the player items Overall (OVR). If you already have a LTD item from Series 1, it will be unaffected by this update. The following list of LTD player items from Series 1 are now available in packs:

  • 92 QB Andrew Luck
  • 92 QB Michael Vick
  • 91 HB Bo Jackson
  • 91 MLB Patrick Willis
  • 91 WR Sammy Watkins
  • 91 TE Kellen Winslow
  • 91 MLB Willie Lanier
  • 91 P Ray Guy
  • 91 K Jan Stenerud
  • 91 DT John Randle
  • 91 RT Dan Dierdorf
  • 90 FS Eddie Jackson
  • 90 HB Christian McCaffrey
  • 90 CB Desmond Trufant
  • 90 WR Davante Adams
  • 90 LE Cameron Jordan
  • 90 QB Philip Rivers


The following new sets have been added with Series 2 to Ultimate Team:

  • Gauntlet 1 Exchange- Turn in your Gauntlet 1 player as well as a 75-79 OVR player to choose a different Gauntlet 1 player.
  • 89-90 OVR Elite Exchange- Trade in 3 Elite Players (87-88 OVR) for a random Elite Player (89-90 OVR).
  • 77-78 OVR Superstar Player Exchange- Trade in 3x 70-74 OVR Gold Players to earn 1x 77-78 OVR Gold Superstar Player.
  • 84-85 OVR Superstar Player Exchange- Trade in 2x 83-84 OVR Elite Players to earn 1x 84-85 OVR Elite Superstar Player.


Level Challenges

There are two new solo sequences available in the Level Challenges section:

  • He's on Fire! - 4 Challenges, MUT Level 53 required
  • Kickers are Players Too! - 3 Challenges, MUT Level 58 required

Gauntlet 1

Gauntlet 1 was also released today with Series 2 and includes the following solo sequences:

  • Rookie- 10 Challenges, 50 possible Stars
  • Veteran- 10 Challenges, 50 possible Stars
  • Legend- 10 Challenges, 50 possible Stars

Below are the reward tiers for Gauntlet 1:

  • 10 Stars- 71+ OVR Player
  • 20 Stars- 71+ OVR Player
  • 30 Stars- 10,000 Coins
  • 40 Stars- 76+ OVR Player
  • 50 Stars- 76+ OVR Player
  • 60 Stars- 15,000 Coins
  • 75 Stars- 81+ OVR Player
  • 100 Stars- Gauntlet 1 Fantasy Pack (See player options above)
  • 125 Stars- 25,000 Coins
  • 150 Stars- 81+ OVR Player and Gauntlet 1 Expert Token


There are new Series 2 Multiplayer missions that reward you with Series 2 Trophies for winning online games. Completing the full list will reward you with an additional 100,000 coins. The following is a breakdown of rewards earned at each tier:

Win 1 Online Game: 10 Series 2 Trophies

Win 5 Online Games: 30 Series 2 Trophies

Win 10 Online Games: 30 Series 2 Trophies

Win 15 Online Games: 30 Series 2 Trophies

Win 20 Online Games: 30 Series 2 Trophies

Win 30 Online Games: 60 Series 2 Trophies

Win 40 Online Games: 60 Series 2 Trophies

Win 50 Online Games: 60 Series 2 Trophies

Win 75 Online Games: 120 Series 2 Trophies

Win 100 Online Games: 120 Series 2 Trophies

Win 125 Online Games: 120 Series 2 Trophies

Win 150 Online Games: 120 Series 2 Trophies

Win 200 Online Games: 120 Series 2 Trophies


Team of the Week 2


After Week 2 of the NFL schedule played out with some big performances and victories, the new Madden 20 Team of the Week 2 arrives. It features those players that the EA Madden crew feels are deserving of upgraded items. Several of those players in particular come with high-rated items as the New England Patriots’ Jamie Collins Sr. and Atlanta Falcons’ Julio Jones lead the way.

madden mut 20 team of the weekmadden mut 20 team of the week


  • 91 LOLB Jamie Collins Sr

Offensive Hero

  • 90 WR Julio Jones

Defensive Hero

  • 90 CB Darius Slay Jr

team of the week madden mut 20team of the week madden mut 20team of the week madden mut 20team of the week madden mut 20team of the week madden mut 20team of the week madden mut 20team of the week madden mut 20team of the week madden mut 20

Ultimate Team Kickoff Masters, Seasonal Performers & Team of The Week 1

Madden 20 Ultimate Kickoff Masters include Hopkins, Mack 

There are four players representing the Madden 20 Ultimate Kickoff Masters. Two of those players are from the current year's four-member 99 Club. Houston Texans' wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and Chicago Bears' defence star Khalil Mack head up the Kickoff Masters. 

Going along with them in the group of four for this program are Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman. Every one of them has a 91 rated card, yet it will take a lot of grinding or some serious coins to get these cards. 

To obtain one of these Madden 20 Ultimate Kickoff Masters, gamers need to amass a lot of collectible items for that specific player. There are 120 Ultimate Kickoff Collectibles required for that set. These are accessible through packs or by completing the challenges in Ultimate Team.

nfl kickoff promo madden 20nfl kickoff promo madden 20nfl kickoff promo madden 20ultimate kickoff madden mut 20


Who and what are the Seasonal Performers?

The Madden 20 Seasonal Performers are dynamic player items which will upgrade through the NFL season. There's one explicit player assigned to every one of the 32 groups. As the player's team wins in the NFL season, their Madden 20 Seasonal Performers card climbs by a point. These players start at 84 OVR. Here's a glance at which players are in the program.

LE Akiem Hicks (Bears)
CB William Jackson (Bengals)
SS Jordan Poyer (Bills)
LT Garett Bolles (Broncos)
TE David Njoku (Browns)
TE O.J. Howard (Buccaneers)
FS Budda Baker (Cardinals)
RE Melvin Ingram III (Chargers)
CB Kendall Fuller (Chiefs)
LOLB Darius Leonard (Colts)
ROLB Leighton Vander Esch (Cowboys)
SS Rashad Jones (Dolphins)
QB Carson Wentz (Eagles)
DT Grady Jarrett (Falcons)
DT DeForest Buckner (49ers)
CB Janoris Jenkins (Giants)
C Brandon Linder (Jaguars)
LE Leonard Williams (Jets)
WR Kenny Golladay (Lions)
MLB Blake Martinez (Packers)
WR D.J. Moore (Panthers)
HB James White (Patriots)
QB Derek Carr (Raiders)
WR Cooper Kupp (Rams)
CB Jimmy Smith (Ravens)
RG Brandon Scherff (Redskins)
RT Ryan Ramczyk (Saints)
HB Chris Carson (Seahawks)
HB James Conner (Steelers)
FS Justin Reid (Texans) 
LG Rodger Saffold III (Titans)
RE Everson Griffen (Vikings)


Jackson, Watkins headline new Madden 20 Team of the Week

With NFL's Week 1 formally in the books, that means the first genuine Madden 20 Team of the Week is here. While gamers recently got a preseason TOTW, this most recent team highlights star players from the field in the first games that really count. Scroll below to see the full TOTW. Among those getting high-rated cards for the TOTW Week 1 are quarterback Lamar Jackson and receiver Sammy Watkins. 

With regards to a first class Week 1 performance from the NFL's 2019-20 season, look where else other than the Baltimore Ravens this past Sunday. Quarterback Lamar Jackson piled on five touchdowns and 324 yards without any interceptions on 17-for-20 passing. That yield helped his group defeat the Miami Dolphins 59-10 for a solid Week 1 beginning. 

To pay tribute to that performance, it's nothing unexpected that Jackson is among the most rated Madden 20 Team of the Week cards during the current week. He and center linebacker CJ Mosley get the current week's Offensive and Defensive Hero cards, separately.


team of the week madden 20

madden 20 team of the week

Limited Time

  • 91 WR Sammy Watkins


  • 90 QB Lamar Jackson (Hero)
  • 86 QB Dak Prescott
  • 85 HB Austin Ekeler
  • 83 HB Marlon Mack
  • 81 TE T.J. Hockenson
  • 79 WR Marquise Brown
  • 77 WR John Brown


  • 90 MLB C.J. Mosley (Hero)
  • 86 CB Logan Ryan
  • 84 MLB Cory Littleton
  • 82 CB James Bradberry
  • 80 FS Anthony Harris
  • 78 LOLB Devon Kennard
  • 76 CB Vernon Hargreaves

madden 20 team of the week