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10 Hot New Team MVP's Dropped, Including Nate Solder, Phillip Lindsay

Only half a month back, Madden 19 Ultimate Team revealed their Team MVP players. These were for the most part overlooked yet truly great cards for different NFL teams, It initially began with the non-playoff squads, and advanced through the groups that made it to the postseason. The last bunch included players from the Super Bowl teams. While that gave cards to the whole group of NFL teams, on Friday (Mar. 8), brought new Madden 19 Ultimate Team MVPs for gamers. A portion of these players are first-timers as terms of MUT feature.

The previous Team MVPs included stars such as Khalil Mack, Julio Jones, and Deshaun Watson On Friday’s episode of Madden Daily Drops, the 10 newest Ultimate Team MVP's were revealed. As with previous MVP cards, these players each bring 97 OVR scores with them. There are five offensive and five defensive players.

Broncos rookie Phillip Lindsay headlines the new group. He was also named as Madden’s Offensive Rookie of the Year on their season end player ratings review. The fullback has a 96 Speed, 96 Elusiveness, and 95 Acceleration amongst his skills on the Team MVP card.

On top of the new 10 team MVP's we have 3 absolutely huge Ultimate Legends. Who will surely be the pick of the drop today.  Michael Vick 98, Lawrence Taylor 98, Jaosn Taylor 98.

Here’s the complete list of the 10 new Ultimate Team MVP cards in the game and 3 huge Ultimate Legends. :

Team MVP

Ultimate Legends 


The reason behind the specific teams they chose for these new MVP cards is unknown, but it may become known by next week on Daily Drops. Also, several of these players have yet to receive Power-Ups within Ultimate Team, so that may be on the way this weekend.


Madden 19 NFL Scouting Combine: Standouts, Stars Cards, & Master CJ2K

madden 19 ultimate team chris johnson masters 2k

The NFL might be in the offseason, but that is no reason not to put Madden 19 on. EA keeps on including fresh MUT content in spite of the off-season. The most recent is the Madden 19 NFL Scouting Combine 2019 promotion which changes it up with several new packs, and Standout, Stars, and more to MUT. It additionally includes an incredible 99 OVR card. 

There’s also Combine Stars and an incredible 99 CJ2K Masters Card. These cards bring considerably higher skill ratings. They include a 97 OVR Christian McCaffrey (Panthers), 97 Tommy Bohanon (Jaguars), and a 99 Chris Johnson (Titans)! Look at Johnson's card underneath total with 99s for Speed, Elusiveness, and Acceleration, just as a 98 Agility!

Players will get a Chris Johnson card by just signing into Ultimate Team as a part of the new Madden Scouting Combine promo. Unfortunately, it won't be the 99 card below. Instead, it'll be a 85 OVR Johnson with lower skill ratings. That Johnson card is ideal to use with a new MUT roster or  a quick sell for 120 Scouts currency.


Here are more details on what we found out on Tuesday evening about Madden's new promo. Including a full list of the players below.


Madden 19 NFL Scouting The Combine, Daily Drills Solo Challenges

 madden 19 scouting combine challenges

Much the same as other MUT promos, there will be new Scouting Combine 2019 Challenges to help achieve sets, cards, points, currency, or other content. The Madden team uncovered details regarding the “Scouting The Combine" and Daily Drills. 

With “Scouting The Combine," there are 20 challenges which will pile on 10K worth of coins alongside 1,850 Scouts currency. Players also get a special Combine uniform and trophy for finishing those challenges. 

With the Daily Drills, these are day by day Solo Challenges which help gain coins, Scouts currency or Combine trophies. The Daily Drills change evert 24 hours for the Promo. Obviously, these are only the basics. It's best to head into the MUT game screens to get more details s on the most proficient way to finish the challenges.


madden 19 combine standouts cards mut

Combine Master

Combine Stars Day 2

Combine Stars Day 1

Combine Standouts Day 2 (86-92 OVR)

Combine Standouts Day 1 (86-92 OVR)



Team MVP Promo & Series 5 Reveal!

Team MVPs is a HUGE drop from EA, with a drop of 20 different 97 overall cards hitting the game Friday, but over 240 Team Builder items will also join the promo, providing upgrades to teams who weren’t able to benefit from the NFL Playoffs promo.

Series 5 Solos and sets additionally went to the cutting edge in the latest release, featuring a bunch of new choices for Series 5 Trophy collectibles, while at the same time giving moves up to MUT Masters 95 overall Ryan Shazier and the base upgradable Ricky Williams item that launched toward the beginning of the new game

The most remarkable drop to come in some time, upwards of 280 new cards will be released Friday, with each non-playoff group getting six unique items of varying overalls. 

It's a much needed refresher with just mainly the Patriots and Rams players getting huge upgrades all through the run-up to the Super Bowl, and feels like a honest attempt at tuning in to the MUT fanbase which had been dying for increasingly assorted choices for individual theme teams. 

Just a bunch of Team MVP and potential Team Builder things items uncovered Thursday, yet for the minute 97 overall Team MVP Julio Jones and 97 and large Team MVP Von Miller have all the earmarks of being the exciting items available from this program.


MUT Master


97 OVR Team MVPs


Power Ups

  • The 12 new Power Ups will be coming out on Sunday.


Series 5 Updates and Rewards

10 new MUT levels will be added on February 15 as users will be able to grind to Level 80, receiving subsequent awards along the way. The rewards yielded per level are as follows:

  • 71 - Ultimate Legend and Legend Bundle pack
  • 72 - Exclusive Store Pack featuring Legends Steve Young/Sean Taylor (requires money) and Reshad Jones/Tre’Davious White Team Diamonds (?) for coins
  • 73 - 2,000 Training
  • 74 - New Level Challenges
  • 75 - Ultimate Legend and Legend Bundle pack
  • 76 - Exclusive Store Pack featuring Legends Randy Moss/Michael Vick (requires money) and Adrian Amos/Odell Beckham Team Diamonds (?) for coins
  • 77 - 2,000 Training
  • 78 - New Level Challenges
  • 79 - Two Ultimate Legend Packs
  • 80 - 94-95 overall Power-Up Pass and Full Ultimate Legend (requires money)

3 Additional Ultimate Legends Drop too!


Dermonti Dawson


Everson Walls 


LaDainian Tomlinson



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